Thursday, October 14, 2010

The First Of Many.......

I've decided to let my stories roll off my tongue in any way they spew out.  At one point, I wanted to organize them by numbers, from the earliest memories of embarrassment to moments that happened this morning.  I then wanted to categorize them into facets of my life, i.e., dating, foot in mouth, mishaps in sports......But that felt too contrived, so that brought me full circle to just sharing.

When I think of some of thee more horrific moments in my life, this one comes to mind.

In my early twenties, the Los Angeles based weekly publication The LA Weekly had dating ads in the back of the paper.  In those days, that was our E-Harmony.  I set myself up on a blind date and met him at a trendy coffee shop on Ventura Blvd.  After drinking as much coffee as we could stand, we decided to walk along the boulevard and window shop...small talk and awkwardness was starting to wane, when all of a sudden I got shot in the back!!!! Well I thought I did at the hurt and there was a loud pop sound, when I realized I wasn't dead, my blind date and I saw the egg yolk dripping down my back with bits of egg shells everywhere.  At this point, I would have rather been shot. Yes folks, I got "egged" on a blind date.....I vaguely remember the howling laughter of the teenagers as they drove off.  Tears started to puddle in my eyes at the same time my date started to uncontrollably laugh.  That was enough for me, I hopped in my car and sped back to my roomate.  I was in such a state, she thought I had been raped.  She was about to call the police when I sobbed the story to her.....she of course started to uncontrollably laugh........


  1. Oh God, LA Weekly classifieds. I seem to remember there was always a man looking for someone "blessed with exessive body hair" or some close approximation.

  2. Imagine the conversation with his roommate when he got home:
    Roommate: “Dude, how’d it go?”
    Blind Date: “She was cute, but I think she may be an egg target.”
    Roommate: “She should have disclosed that in the ad.”

  3. That's ok, those kids saved you from dating a looser who laughs at you. Those kids are most likely meth-heads now days. LOL!